About Himmerlandskød

Photo: NN

Himmerlandskød A/S is Denmark's second largest beef slaughterhouse and cutting plant and their values and experience go back more than 100 years. Livestock born and raised in Denmark are processed in the Himmerland region in the Northern part of Denmark, thus the beef and veal products from Himmerlandskød are Danish in all aspects. For that reason, Himmerlandskød can guarantee high food safety, product quality and 100% traceability in every single step

Focus on Danish origin

Himmerlandskød provides consumers with beef and veal products from animals that are raised, slaughtered, and processed in Denmark. Consequently, they aim at supporting Danish farmers and Danish food production of high quality. The primary market for Himmerlandskød’s products is Denmark, however, they also export to European countries.

One company

Previously Himmerlandskød was divided into four well-managed companies: Himmerlandskød, A/S Hjalmar Nielsen, Nordic Beef Hadsund and Kjellerup Eksportslagteri, but in 2018 they were unified, thus becoming one single brand: Himmerlandskød. Today, Himmerlandskød still has four Danish corporate divisions located in the cities Farsø, Aalestrup, Hadsund and Kjellerup.

Animal Welfare

Livestock are treated according to good farming practice, raised, and processed in an ethically viable manner, which means that quality and animal welfare are considered during all production stages at Himmerlandskød, from how they are raised to the finished product.

Livestock do not go through exhausting long-distance transport since Himmerlandskød’s facilities are in short distance from each other in the Northern part of Denmark. Long-distance transport is not only unethical towards the animals, the meat quality is also drastically reduced.


The meat from Himmerlandskød is produced according to the highest hygiene standards complying with EU’s food legislation, in every respect. The whole procedure, as from the arrival of livestock at the slaughterhouse until the end of the cutting operations at our Farsø or Hadsund plants, is subject to self-auditing, thus ensuring high quality and food safety throughout the process. Through a unique traceability system, it is possible for Himmerlandskød to achieve 100% traceability directly, from the animal at the farm to each single cut in the meat counter.

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